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Τρίτη, 10 Οκτωβρίου 2017 18:44


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Kelly Dimitroulia

Εύφορη Γη

Looking for innovative endeavours

and people who take steps forward ...

The need for development in the primary sector by linking the scattered pieces of knowledge and experience of the producers and researchers led to the idea of ​​“Εύφορη Γη”.

Our aim is mainly to make known the great abundance of goods and products in our region, on a journey from the field to the shelf or ... our dish.

Every opinion and suggestion, with creative mood referring to production, processing, research and innovation, can contribute to the development of the region, as long as there are people who will take the opportunity to step forward.

“Εύφορη Γη” looks for these people, as we reach the third season of our television programme and online broadcasts. The on-line magazine, which you have just begun to browse, will also focus on these people.

The on-line magazine will be available both in Greek and English, so that its content would become a “tool” in the hands of the local businesses to promote their work and products in Greece and abroad.

The target is as many professionals and businesses as possible to unite our forces and each one from their position to contribute to create conditions for development and progress.

Read the greek and english versions of the issue here




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